Planning Your Family Photo Session with Young Children

Family Sessions are a wonderful way to capture your growing family in a fun, natural setting to you. You may feel stressed out, awkward, embarrassed at how “badly” your kids are behaving, etc., This does not faze me and I hope that the session is fun for you as much as it is for me! I embrace their quirkiness & rebellion and through that we capture beautiful candid imagery of you with your children.

What I recommend doing firstly is booking your session with me, and figuring out where it will be located (or a general guideline… ie., a meadow, your home, the cottage, etc.,).

  1. Figure out the vibe you are going for. (Example: candid outdoors vs. indoor studio)
  2. Book or sign up for the wait-list with your photographer.
  3. Select your location, and be sure to find out if you need permits if you are visiting public or private property!
  4. Plan your outfits.
  5. Eat dinner, use the washrooms, and than change into your session clothing! Depending on how young your children are, it is sometimes best to save their session clothing for when you arrive!
  6. Enjoy the session!! This is a beautiful present that you are giving yourself! Let the kids be kids, and everything will turn out great! 🙂

Professional Tip: There are so many options and routes! Keep it simple and don’t make it more complicated than it has to be!

From this point you can start considering what to wear.


I always stress that it is best to take it up a notch compared to what you normally wear – or classy casual, as you want to speak you but also ensure you look classy and HAPPY! Wearing appropriate clothing does not define you but it does make your images look top-notch and helps set the tone that you are going for.

Some suggestions I have…


Dress as if you are going to a family picnic or get together. With kids, any colour goes with nature! You can either go with a neutral set of colours or vibrant colours for a *pop* against the green grass, blue sky and rainbow of colours at sunset.

  • Jeans and a nice t-shirt
  • Summer dress with sandals
  • Beige pants with a sophisticated top
  • Etc.,


When selecting your colour tones, try to consider the colour tones of your house so that they do not clash!

  • Jeans with a pretty top
  • Beige or grey pants with a sophisticated top
  • Dresses are always a safe bet!


This is your families time to shine! 🙂

If you are like me – you HATE having your photo taken – no seriously I cringe when I have to have my photo taken so I get it, all of it – and having little ninja’s on site, rounding up for a good photo most likely gives you anxiety, just thinking about it!

I embrace their spunk and through that we capture beautiful candid imagery of you with your children!

I will help guide you through the session, allowing you to parent and capture your child’s attention as you know best. I will suggest a silly time in which you could blow bubbles, tickle, swing around in the air, etc., or a curious time in which we look at rocks, flowers, bugs, etc., or a special & emotional time in which you will cuddle one-another. I ensure all aspects of emotion are covered (aside from tears, which lets be honest sometimes happens nonetheless with children), and you guessed it! I will document those moments as well!

A good photographer will help you overcome the issues that arise – and most often we just go with the flow, letting the kids take the lead – and by the end of your session you will most likely say to me, “I am so glad we did this!”. And I will say “See! I told you so!” 🙂

I see some photographers giving clients advice whether to bribe their children or not with treats, etc., I am not here to judge, tell you how to parent, or anything else. So please, do whatever works best for you and your family!

Professional Tip: Kids will be kids, and that we shall let them be! 🙂

I hope this helped you with your Family Session Planning. A small but very special piece to a beautiful journey that you are on! Be sure to document every piece of it! xx


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