Wedding Photography - Dancing

Ali and Steph wedding photography

Wedding photography - Parents of the bride

Wedding photography - Mont Tremblant

wedding photography celebration

Wedding photography - bride getting ready

Family Lift photography - Kitchen Life

Rideau Westport - Family Photo - Kerry Ford Photography

Family Life photography - Laura Salsbury

Black and white wedding photography

Family life photography - Dinner celebration

black and white couple photography

Wedding Photography - Kiss the bride

engagement photography

wedding photography - outdoor - black and white

Wedding photography - wedding dress

Wedding photography - Couple by the lake

Wedding Photography - Bride's shoes

Wedding Photography - Bride and grooms men

Wedding Photography - Couple Kiss

Life moment photography - Couple

wedding photography - couple

Wedding Photography - Mother of the bride

Wedding Photography - First dance

Praesent venenatis

Praesent venenatis

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Family Life & Candid Wedding Photography

A decade of experience

Ottawa, ON

Toronto, ON

About Me

A few things that bring me joy and inspiration in this life include my husband and daughter, my cats, my home, my kitchen, my milk cow, my work (both as a photographer and massage therapist), living a devotional self-sufficient lifestyle, cooking for my family, home-making, gardening, back-country camping with my family, cooking shows that take me around the globe in landscape - culture and - flavour, finding treasures and clothing - I try my best not to support fast-fashion and most often get our clothing from our reuse centre at our local rural dump, fresh air, the sunrise, the sunset; the sun, moon and the stars.

I live a very basic, hands-on life with my daughter and partner at the centre of it all and although the days can be full due to our farm - work - family life balance, my heart is full as well!

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