Jabulani Vineyard Wedding | Ottawa, ON

Alyssa & Sean’s wedding at Jabulani Vineyard & Winery was a joy to be apart of. Not only was the venue a beautiful & serene location, but they and their loved ones made it downright extraordinary.

Alyssa & Sean surround themselves with loving, hilarious and joyous people that make you smile until your cheeks hurt, laugh infectiously and love life. Their wedding day was a celebration that included the most important things to them… Family, friends, love, laughter and happiness.

“I know that everyone says it, but our wedding day really was the best day of our lives. We’ve always known that we have the very best friends and family, but our wedding day made that more obvious than ever. We both smiled and laughed from start to finish, and felt so much love, support and happiness all day long. Holding hands and looking out at all of our favourite people in the world, smiling from ear to ear (while a hilarious rooster crowed in the background) was the perfect way to start our life together… and the dance party that followed wasn’t too shabby either. Looking back at the amazing photos that Kerry took, takes us right back, and our cheeks hurt all over again.” – Alyssa & Sean

From the getting ready process, to the ceremony, dinner and epic dance floor party… This wedding is sure to put a smile or two on your face!

Thanks for being you, Alyssa & Sean!

Lots of love,


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