The Blair Family | Perth, ON

This is the second time the Blair Family has invited me into their beautiful stone home to capture the in-between, unscripted moments that make a family, family! Their session two years ago can be viewed here when Henry was born only days before. Only three days before this session, Stacy delivered another healthy baby girl in the middle of the night with the assistance of her amazing husband and midwife while the children slept in their beds across the hallway! How beautiful is that?!

It was such a pleasure to re-visit and see how much the children have grown since I last visited. Violet’s hair has grown so much and is in the making to becoming a professional pie-maker like her Mother Stacy from “The Pie Bar“, Henry is walking and making meals for all of us at his mini kitchen, and Penny is just perfect… Observing life around her and notifying Mom & Dad when she is happy, sad, uncomfortable, hungry, etc., That is the beauty about a baby… They speak the truth!

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