Hey I'm Kerry!

A few things that bring me joy and much gratitude in this life include my love and appreciation for my husband and daughter, my 5 awesome cats in our 900 square foot imperfectly perfect home, my work horse of a kitchen, our family milk cow, the sound of a Summer evening, sunrise in Winter and sunset in Summer, that special back-country camping weekend away once a Summer, my two very different careers (family & wedding photographer and registered massage therapist), cooking for my family, gardening, putting food away for the winter (and eating it, what a pleasure that is), thrifting for (almost) everything we need, homeschooling my awesome kiddo, admiring the works of artists like Vivian Maier and last but not least my free spirit that is the heart of my soul.

I am drawn to and deeply appreciate the art of capturing everyday childhood/parenthood memories, and intimate celebratory gatherings such as weddings or other special events that define the chapters we look back on in our lifetime. Photographing these moments brings me such joy. ❤️ I am very passionate about providing an impeccable photography experience for my clientele but also know there is a 50% chance I will have to excuse myself from a phone call for a minute or two to serve my child a snack or tend to their needs. I am a proud working Mom and after a handful of years trying to keep my kids quiet so I can be "professional" while on the phone with a client (if you have tried this you know how stressful it is), I have learn't to embrace the fact that I am 1. a Mother (a very proud one) and 2. A business owner, in that order.

My style of work consists of documentary photography mixed with natural lit portraiture, similar to street photography with a touch of guidance to best compliment my subject and the surrounding landscape, lighting, and energy when necessary and/or appropriate. I provide my clientele with a sophisticated gallery of emotion, sincerity, and truth that captures their story and environment.

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