I wear many hats in this life that I deeply enjoy, but photography has been with me from day one. It is my artistic equilibrium. The natural evolution of my person can almost always be traced back to my work as a professional photographer.

My style of work consists of documentary photography mixed with natural lit portraiture, similar to street photography with a touch of guidance to best compliment my subject and the surrounding landscape, lighting, and energy when necessary and/or appropriate. I provide my clientele with a sophisticated gallery of emotion, sincerity, and truth that captures their essence.

I am a mother, partner, and homesteader. I have had the honour of photographing many weddings, big and small; many intimate lives throughout Canada and internationally.

As a Mother and life-partner myself, I am drawn to and deeply appreciate the art of capturing childhood, parenthood, and intimate celebratory gatherings such as weddings and elopements.

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