This is the year! Aging, life, time! Life goes by too fast - can you agree?!

For a limited time, book YOU and your hobby to be documented!

Let's celebrate healthy habits! Life passions! True happiness! This project is specifically designed for individuals (not families, not couples, etc.,) doing their hobby/craft/passoin. In love with a hobby that brings you so much joy you would like a time stamp of you doing such thing? I'd love to document you!

Running from January 2024 to November 2024. A few of my own personal passions that have no documentation of me doing besides the words I write and photo I take? Farming... Gardening... Cooking! Let's capture you doing you to preserve for decades to come. For your family to look back on and smile at you in your happy place! ❤️

2024 Project:

"Preserving HOBBIES"

$275+hst for a 30 minute documentary session. only available for perth, on. INDIVIDUALS only.

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