Elopements VS. Weddings


To elope or have a traditional wedding… For some that question can be a very, very stressful one!

I have written out my opinion of some pros & cons to eloping vs. have a traditional wedding… Please keep in mind that I ADORE elopements and some of my “pros” may be “cons” to you, or vise-versa! Everyone has their own preferences and visualizations as to what their fairy tale day will look like to them! 🙂 The biggest difference between the two is the cost and number of family & friends attending!

The Pros & Cons



  • In-expensive & stress free
  • Very little planning needed, last-minute
  • Short and sweet with the person you love most
  • Get married, spend your evening however you wish
  • A day you will never forget!


  • Very limited number of family & friends
  • Shorter duration of celebrations



  • Unlimited number of family & friends
  • All-day celebration shared with family & friends
  • Planning something you have dreamed about
  • A day you will never forget!


  • Costly & stressful at times (please hire a planner – it is worth it)
  • Time consuming
  • Booking vendors must be done at least a year or two in advance
  • Little time spent on the day of with your love


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