Frequently Asked Questions

This is a BIG investment and I want you to feel reassured about who, what and why you are investing in a top-quality professional who has been there, done that.

Here are some of the most important things I think you should know right from the start… It is a lot to read, but it is important to know exactly what you are getting.


Where do you live and how far do you travel?

I live in beautiful Perth, ON; a quick 60 minute drive from downtown Ottawa & Kingston. Don't worry about your wedding being in or near the city... I am quite accustomed to commuting there regularly for weddings and my pricing includes that.

What are your rates?

My weekend wedding packages start at $3000 for 6 hours of coverage. Weekday intimate weddings & elopements start at $800 for 2 hours of coverage. Check out my pricing page for more pricing & details!

I also offer many a la carte options: prints, albums, engagement sessions, additional hours, additional photographers, rehearsal dinner coverage, etc.

What is your delivery time & how do we get our photographs from you?

Within five to six weeks of your wedding, I send you a download code which gives you full access to your photographs online. In your private-online gallery, you can download, share, and print away. The gallery is password-protected and there are no watermarks or logos.

How many photographs do you deliver?

There are many variables that go into this but you can expect between 75-100 per hour. I do not put a cap on how many, it really just depends on the size and duration I am there for. The only photographs I do not deliver are the mid-blinking, blurry, repeats or unflattering photos that I KNOW you will not want to have.

We want to edit our photos... Can we have the RAW files?

I do not send you any RAW (unedited) photographs – you are hiring me for my creative eye & editing style and trust that I send all the right ones. My comprehensive, quality coverage and experience photographing weddings ensures you leave with a story that speaks for itself.

How do we secure our date with you & what do you accept for payment?

I send you the contract to be signed electronically through my invoicing program, Sprout Studio (CAD). Once the contract is signed it will automatically take you to the payment section where a $1500.00 retainer is made to secure your date on my calendar, if you are booking a smaller collection, a 50% retainer is made. The remaining balance is due 14 days before the wedding.

I accept E-Transfer (most-preferred), VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Payment installments are available!

Do you use a second photographer?

In general, I work by myself and feel quite confident doing so.

A GOOD photographer should be fully capable of covering a wedding all on their own.

Second-photographers are available a la carte and recommended if there is more than 180 guests.

Do you photograph family formal portraits?

Yes of course - I LOVE providing my clients with gorgeous, thought-out and well-lit family portraits.

These photographs are so important and lets be honest, everyone prints these!

I will help you arrange for them and make them a part of the day that is enjoyable and efficient for everyone involved.

Should we send you a list of poses we like?

I expect that since you have made it this far on my website, you are probably intrigued by my work! For that reason I strive for clients who appreciate the creativity process it takes in the documentation of weddings, therefore leaving the creative mind up to the photographer hired, and not copying someone else's work.

We are awkward having our photo taken... Help?

Honestly... 99% of my couples tell me they are awkward having their photo taken. Take a deep breath and it will all be okay! I remind my couples of this throughout our time together, and quite frankly these "photo" nerves wear off quite fast once we get going. I will give you direction as needed, while photographing what happens naturally in front of me. You don’t need to be professionals, you just need to be open-minded and remember how much you love one-another.

Can you show us a full wedding that has been delivered?

Yes of course, just ask me when you inquire... I have a handful that my clients have granted me permission to share.

Can you provide our venue with a certificate of insurance?

Definitely. Please let me know 2-3 months in advance at minimum to ensure my insurance company has enough time to process and provide the document.

What is your back-up system?

I use two Mark 5Diii bodies (the cameras) that have two card holders in them, each. This means there is a back-up copy of every photo taken, as soon as I photograph the moment!

Once uploaded onto the external hard drive that I work off of, I back-up the files two more times.

What happens if you get badly injured or something tragic happens to you before our wedding?

If something tragic was to happen to me before your wedding, a full refund within 5 business days and a list of at least twenty recommended photographers will be provided to you.

If I am badly injured but able to communicate with you, I by all means will do everything in my power to either make it to your wedding or do the above and help you as much as I possibly can in finding a replacement photographer. I am apart of several networking groups online and I am sure the community would step-up in such dire circumstances. With that said, I am not a wimp and have never missed a wedding nor plan to. I have photographed a wedding with the flu and another one with an acute strained leg & ankle. My body takes the beating, not you.

This is a situation that that I have planned for very carefully as it is the professional thing to do, but hope I never have to use.

Do we need to feed you at our reception?

Yes, please and thank you! I require a meal at dinner to re-charge my batteries after working all-day.

At dinner, I do not have to sit near you to eat, but please do not seat me in a separate room to eat my food... With me sitting in the same room as you or at a table of guests, I am able to capture the mood, laughter, and details that I would not otherwise be able to. Things like mid-course toasts, kisses and laughter will go un-photographed if I am in a separate room for dinner and for me that is a big part to your story!

What happens if we need to cancel the wedding and/or your services?

If for some reason the wedding is cancelled or you need to terminate my services, the $1500 retainer and any monies paid 14 days before the wedding is non-refundable as I will have turned down other couples for your date.

Do you have reviews from past clients?

Let my clients do the talking... Check out my live feed of reviews on Facebook, here:

I also have a "REVIEWS" page in the home menu bar!

What is your "Support Group" on Facebook?

Once booked, I add you to Facebook so we can keep in touch over the upcoming months on a more personal level. Once you accept my friend request I will add you to a private Facebook group that has all of my brides and/or grooms in there. From time to time I post tips, suggestions, articles, etc., that will help you during the wedding planning process and even on the day of. The other brides sometimes post a question in the group or share something they found helpful for the other brides. It is a very welcoming and open community for all of us to learn and share together.

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