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Like what you see? Send me a message in the link below... I will answer you back within 24 hours during my regular office hours (see below). If I am available for your date and there is a package that speaks to you - the next step will be to hop on a phone call.

Things I love learning right off the bat about my clients... How much you love your cats/dogs/chickens/gardens, the length of time you have been together, your favourite hobbies (together or separate)... Basically I want to know what cranks your gears and what is truly important to you in this life. I am not here to build my portfolio, blog the latest wedding or post a pretty photo every day on Instagram... I am here to honour, respect and photograph an intimate, joining of two people that are so bonded they wish to spend the rest of their lives together, and celebrate that in whatever special way they see fit.

O F F I C E   H O U R S

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9am to 4pm


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