I live for...

my horses in nature. dirt between my toes. the smell of bonfire in my hair. fresh air. dancing to loud music that feeds my soul. the sun, moon & stars. my people. documenting every single moment in life. groovy folk. being an extroverted introvert. being far too observant. good food and beer. and passionate deep wild crazy weird LOVE.

Alyssa & Sean

To put it simply, Kerry creates pure magic when there’s a camera in her hands. I couldn’t believe the amount of emotion that was captured in the photos she took of our wedding day - I spent hours looking at them, and re-living the entire day from start to finish, giddy butterflies, smiles, and terrible dance moves included. I know we’ll treasure the amazing photos she took for the rest of our lives. I’d recommend her based on her work alone, but she’s also an absolute pleasure to work with. So professional and efficient, while also being so sweet and friendly. She was readily available to answer all of my questions leading up to the day - and trust me, there were a lot! I really hope to work with Kerry again in the future!

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