My Photography Story

Photography came into my life unexpectedly at a time of travel in 2012. I found my creative outlet for documentary photography on the islands of Bimini, Bahamas where I was volunteering at a shark research station owned by Dr. Gruber of University of Miami. After that I traveled to Maui where I began photographing sunsets and documenting life as it happened. When I returned home, I immersed myself into the local photography community where I was introduced to fine art wedding and portrait photography. I have had the honour to photograph alongside a handful of highly respected and talented names in the industry. I am deeply passionate about learning and growing as an individual which is why I regularly attend photography conferences, workshops and mentoring sessions to grow as an artist, maintain inspiration, education, and current trends.

Get To Know Me

For me, there is nothing more rewarding than preserving a moment in time that will last forever. Photography is not a hobby for me, it has become engraved in my every-day way of life, thinking and perspective no matter the landscape before my eyes.

Born and raised in the artistic, rural community of Perth, ON; I have a deep running love, connection and respect for Mother Nature. In all essence, it is half of what inspires my art work... The other half comes from the human connection and energy surrounding me.

I am a partner to Mark, a mother to our horses; Laila, Mazy & Paddy, and a keeper of our land at Lailicka Ranch.

I am extremely grateful that photography allows me to explore and experience other avenues, like ranch life and massage therapy school, while staying true to my creative & intuitive soul.

This Is Life

Living each day with purpose.

I end each day watching the sunset and on my spare time I practice yoga, spend time with Laila; my Norwegian Fjord Horse, explore the countryside, sit under a full moon, summer night bonfires, play in my garden that Mark built for me, and anything else that feeds my soul.

For me it is all about the little things and being mindfully present each and every day! Life is too short to be anything but present.

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