I am here to serve my client; to capture your moments and freeze them in time.

For years I pretended I was somebody I was not (or at least I tried to level down) to fit in like the others... It took me 2.5 decades to realize it is my differences (introvert, authoritative, observant, detail-oriented, compassionate, devoted to impressing my boss and not giving a darn quack about what the cool kids thought) that set me apart from all of the others, so I am here to tell you... Look no further, I've got you! I could go on and on about why I love wedding and lifestyle photography but to simplify it... Weddings, emotion, light, life; they bring out the best in me. I am the most organized / OCD wedding photographer on this planet. I live for them. Maybe I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie at heart - because we all know weddings are not always a walk in the park... That is why I have such a reliable, dependable and realistic method to how I work built from years of experience.

There is nothing more important than going above and beyond for my clientele and their special day. For me, my clients come first. It is not just about the photography, it's about the overall client experience. Not only do I photograph your story with all my energy, heart and soul, I strive to provide impeccable customer service as well. I am honest and transparent throughout the entire process, and educate you about what is best for your story so that you feel reassured, and are both confident in yourself and me. I am a firm believer in finding balance in both candid & traditional formal portraits throughout a wedding day. I'm here to capture the energy, emotion and natural details so that when you look back through your photographs you are going to remember the energy, essentially... How it f e l t . Browse around my website and really dig deep into my work and FAQ's section... If everything has a feel good vibe, say hey and let’s get chatting!

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